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For over seven years, Bug Plix has been collaborating with independent developers, gaming teams, and companies, honing our expertise in crafting exclusive strategies tailored to each unique project. Understanding the intricacies of every game and devising a publishing strategy around it has garnered us the trust of numerous professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Utilize our global platform for your amazing games.

Harness the power of our global platform for your exceptional games. Bug Plix eagerly invites innovative ventures and projects to join our platform. With our reputable platform, we’ll propel your venture towards your desired outcomes and achieve optimal results.

Expanding Your Game's Reach

We help your game reach players worldwide, keeping your brand updated on all platforms and social media. This makes us a top choice for global game distribution.

Building Player Loyalty

Understanding the market and making sure your game is everywhere builds trust with players and boosts your game’s reputation around the world.

Becoming a Top Game

Making a great game is tough, but getting people to notice it is even tougher. With our audience of over 1,000,000 players, we use strategies to get your game in front of over 1 million people every month, encouraging them to download and play.

Making Your Game Desirable

Our teams help you find the right players for your game and know when to launch it for maximum impact. We also provide guidance on making sure your game meets players’ expectations for quality.


Your Game, Your Journey

We’re here to support you from start to finish, ensuring you keep control of your game’s rights until it’s ready for global release. Every game is unique, and we treat yours with the care and attention it deserves.

What are we looking for?


In today's world, a successful idea needs to be innovative and creative, with room for improvement. A promising idea is one that can be refined, marketed, and generate returns.


Often, outstanding ideas struggle to stand out in the crowd. Transitioning from smaller markets to larger ones or releasing beta and alpha versions can help gain traction.


Come to us with a nearly finished product ready for launch. Take it to 90%, and we'll handle the rest, ensuring it reaches its full potential and beyond. Bold and decisive steps lead to exponential success.


Great work is the result of a dedicated team working in harmony. Passion and talent combined with hard work produce remarkable results beyond expectations.


We specialize in mobile platforms, particularly iOS and Android. Our top-selling game ideas include hypercasual, shooting, sports, adventure, and kids' games.

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